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Termite Pest Control

Reasons to Use The Best Pest Control Products to Eliminate Termites


Termite pest control is a must for every home, to prevent major potential damage. If the problem is not nipped at the bud, the damage can be irreversible. The best thing to do is to find out ways to eliminate termites before the damage starts. For example, water is important for termite survival. Hence, you need to divert water away from the house foundation. There are many things you can do in order to avoid accumulation of moisture near the foundation, though a specific discussion is outside the scope of this article.

When termite control through prevention doesn't work, killing the pests is the only option. The most effective method is to use high quality pesticides to kill or remove termites. These days, a wide variety of termiticides is available on the market, so if you want to ensure a termite-free home, there are many options you can choose from.

However, keep in mind that the treatment is best done with the help of a professional. While DIY pest control may be a tempting option if you're looking to save money, the process requires a good amount of skill and experience in handling chemicals.

The treatment also needs specialized equipment and services including pumps, drills, tanks, and more. Huge amounts of pesticides are required to eliminate termites. Handling these pesticides safely takes a lot of experience and knowledge.

Today, the use of liquid pesticides is very common. Liquid termiticides are injected into the ground using special rods. The liquid is transferred to the soil around the foundation of a building. It also gets into and under the foundation.

Termiticides are available in two forms:

  • Repellents
  • Non repellents

Both forms work for building a chemical wall between the soil and the building. This is done to effectively prevent termites inside the soil from reaching the building. The process also works in reverse, by stopping termites in the building from reaching the soil. When termites inside the building are unable to reach the soil, they die.

Termite repellents work by repelling termites away from treated soil. These chemicals are not meant to kill the pests directly. The non-repellents, on the other hand, work by destroying the termites that enter the treated soil.

You can use a variety of tools for termite pest control. The idea is to look for professional guidance and high quality pesticides. Low quality products might give you results on a temporary basis but the termites may come back after a short while.

Termites live in colonies, which contain many thousands of individuals. A professional will assess the problem during inspection, and gauge the size and extent of the colony.

Make sure the company you deal with is experienced, licensed, and trained; only a skilled pest control company will keep your house safe from termite damage in the long term.